Thursday, January 5, 2012


By Th. Halacu-Nicon



KING and VICTOR are two kids from a bad neighborhood down the Sea City and as best friends they are young outlaws working for the local head of the mob Dennis, Victor’s dad.  As they grow up, once with the changes, the kid’s paths take different directions: Once Dennis brings his pander business to the BIG CITY and he makes Boss, Victor follows his dad.  King, being left alone, keeps looking for a way out and finally he flees to the United States where he pursues a professional career as a hit-man.

After a crime life of over 20 years in the states and once he was just about to settle, King got unlucky as he landed a twisted job getting involved in an inside quarrel of the Gotti family in New York, and as he was sent by one member to kill another, he got caught before finishing the job.  He ended up being exiled once stated he was just a hired hand and the Gotti’s decided to solve their problem in-house.

For Victor life turned out to be easy: Even though his father ended up death by the hand of inside competition, he remained part of the family as, Uncle Tony, another important member of the organization, married his mother who was his high school sweetheart. Dennis’ reign, although short, brought them wealth, but the man was not stupid and left behind a strong will, stating that Victor will inherit all the fortune only once he gets married.  The will has been kept secret from Victor and now time has come as he is in love with one of the Big Ben’s strippers named DESTINY and they plan to get married.  Uncle Tony wants Victor dead so he can get his hands on the proprieties, before that happens.

After 34 years King and Victor are both professional hit-men, working for the criminal organization based in the BIG CITY, and ruled now by a new boss, a cruel and wicked criminal named BIG BEN, who just got much serious about his position now as his father, Uncle Pinky, the late boss, passed away.

King's exile brought him back to the place he would find sanctuary: back home in Sea City.  Life has been harsh and although he is now a professional, he must take it all from the start. After a number of small jobs for the heads of the organization in the Big City, once with the changes, he is promised a job at the base, but only if the last job goes well. Victor is sent to the Sea City as a supervisor for this last job and the two friends reunite once again, not only as a perfect killing machine pair, but also as two over aged hit men whose life perspective have changed and both dream now at quitting.  Although both try to keep a straight face in front of  the other, King and Victor are now just two over grown kids when it comes to their relationship which seems to start exactly where it was left 34 years ago. Influenced by the drugs from the last job gain and lacking concentration they begin to fail every job they are given by BIG BEN, unknowingly driven by their destiny, with their failure they are actually escaping each time the mob’s wicked plans to get them killed and solve Uncle Tony’s problem.

Query Word:

HIGH CRIMES ON LOW BATTERIES, is an action/black comedy film, with a comic book feel, set in a fictional world of an Eastern European Organized Crime Family.

The story is original and the film is a “feel good” action piece in the likes of 1994 Pulp Fiction, on a classic playlist of songs that inspire the pace of the film: featuring songs of Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Stretch, The Rolling Stones, Otis Redding and Tom Waits.

Just like Quentin Tarantino’s films, “HIGH CRIMES” finds its inspiration on Elmore Leonard’s and Iceberg Slim’s books and style, bringing back into the present time, the feel of the 1970s gangster era, now justified by the way Eastern European Mobs still act around in this part of the world: A world of Panders, Hookers, Strip Bars, Drugs and Villainy, which still exists and defines corruption in those countries.

      Th. Halacu-Nicon